Our seasoned leasing team boasts a track record of success in shopping center leasing. With proficiency in pre-development, redevelopment, and ongoing strategies, we leverage our extensive network to ensure optimal lease agreements for your property. Experienced with national, regional, and local tenants, we offer:

  • Creating marketing materials: We craft compelling marketing materials that showcase your property's unique features and benefits, attracting potential tenants and generating interest.
  • Harnessing online marketing: Leveraging digital platforms and online marketing strategies, we reach a wider audience of prospective tenants, increasing visibility and engagement.
  • Proactive prospecting and networking: Actively engaging within the local market and industry, we connect with potential tenants and brokers to expand leasing opportunities.
  • Property showings: We conduct thorough property showings with potential prospects, highlighting key selling points and addressing any questions or concerns they may have
  • Negotiation expertise: Our team has extensive experience in negotiating lease contracts. We delve into contract details to ensure all aspects, including key business points and property-specific concerns, are addressed to your satisfaction.
  • Hands-on approach: While our attorneys handle legal aspects, we take a hands-on approach to leasing, ensuring that your property's unique needs and objectives are met throughout the leasing process.
  • While securing new leases is crucial, there's immense value in retaining existing tenants and strategically increasing revenue through rent escalations upon lease renewals. Rent increases are not the only way to add value during lease renewals. A comprehensive review of lease agreements can reveal opportunities to address concerns and enhance flexibility, contributing to the ongoing vibrancy of the center.
  • In addition to lease renewals, our services extend to managing day-to-day operations, including handling assignments of leases, landlord's rights to lease, termination agreements, and letter agreements. These activities are essential for maintaining a healthy leasing environment and addressing evolving tenant needs and market dynamics.
  • Compliance with lender requirements and loan covenants is paramount in our leasing services. We meticulously adhere to all aspects of loan agreements, including but not limited to debt service coverage ratios, lease coverage ratios, reporting requirements, and financial covenants. Our team ensures that lease negotiations and agreements are structured in a manner that aligns with loan terms, providing our clients with confidence in maintaining their financial obligations and securing continued financing for their properties.

By entrusting us with your leasing needs, you can be confident your property will receive maximum exposure, expert negotiation, and personalized attention to secure the best leasing outcomes.