Shopping Center Management

Our success can be measured by the long-term relationships we have developed with owners and tenants.

“Our success over the past 12 years has been, in part, because of you. Since 1997, I have worked with many landlords in various locations and I can say with confidence that GFD is my favorite. I love that you visit our store and stay connected with your tenants. I appreciate your focus on putting the right tenant mix in place to drive sales for everyone. You are amazing.” - William Meredith – Learning Express Gifts

Our highly trained and experienced managers will assess the overall health of the property and present a comprehensive course of action designed to maximize its potential. This approach ensures the careful, fiscal management of the asset and sets the standard for the industry.

What distinguishes us from others is our meticulous focus on detail combined with an asset-oriented ownership mindset.
  • During GFD's initial setup process, we diligently review previous year billings and lease language to optimize revenue. This involves verifying pro rata share accuracy, assessing caps, floors, and base amounts, and examining expense categories and lease pass-thru language. These audits frequently uncover errors, resulting in significant revenue boosts for owners.
  • Our commitment to accuracy extends to carefully examining lease abstracts or constructing them from the ground up when necessary. This rigorous process ensures that vital financial and business elements are not only identified but also clearly outlined, providing our clients with a comprehensive understanding of their lease agreements.
  • We've crafted a specialized software solution exclusively designed to support commercial property owners. Utilizing an open-source foundation such as Rent Manager, we dedicated substantial effort and investment to develop an innovative platform uniquely attuned to our clients' requirements. Our system strikes a balance between advanced features and user-friendly interface, offering customization to accommodate the distinctive demands of each property. In essence, our software amalgamates cutting-edge functionalities, scalability, customization flexibility, robust data security, and intuitive design to deliver a holistic and efficient management solution finely tuned to meet the precise needs of commercial property owners.

The software streamlines our operations and ensures transparency and accountability. You can access your property information, financial reports, online anytime, anywhere.

Asset Management Services encompass:
  • 24/7 emergency and after-hours services.
  • Building strong tenant relationships- Prioritizing tenant satisfaction through prompt response to inquiries, efficient issue resolution, and providing amenities that enhance their experience can lead to higher retention rates and positive word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Lease administration.
  • Vendor and Contract Management, including competitive bidding.
  • Scheduled and unscheduled site visits.
  • Coordination and oversight of all aspects of site maintenance and operation. We take a proactive approach, identifying and addressing potential issues before they escalate. By implementing proactive maintenance strategies, we aim to prevent costly repairs, ensuring properties remain in optimal condition at all times.
  • Overseeing renovation, leasehold improvement, and capital improvement projects.
  • Financial health assessment and action plan development.
  • Budget preparation and analysis.
  • Comprehensive financial statements including monthly operating reports detailing actual to-budget variance analysis and quarterly cashflow analysis.
  • Managing rent collection and accounts payable.
  • Conducting thorough annual CAM reconciliations.
  • Offering insurance coverage options, either under GFD's umbrella policy or maintaining individual property and liability insurance.
  • We manage tenant and vendor insurance certificate tracking and ensure compliance, as well as collect sales reports and percentage rent (as applicable) from tenants.
  • Handling tenant move-ins, including reviewing plans and setting them up in our accounting software with a detailed abstract.

These services are designed to ensure the smooth and efficient management of assets, enhancing their value and optimizing operational performance.